Residential Demolition

Residential Demolition

Our residential demolition services include full home removal, partial demolition, and selective demolitions.

Residential Demolition

Atlas Residential Demolition

Atlas Demolition has been involved in planning and executing complex Residential Demolition for many homeowners and investors in and around the Charlotte area. When your project calls for demolition of whole homes, partial homes, chimneys, decking, trailer homes, and more, we have the experience and safety record to do the job on-time and on budget. Our team of demolition experts are trained, insured, and ready to tackle any project. Some of our residential demolition services include:

  1. Full home demolition.
  2. Partial home demolition
  3. Interior demolition & "gutting."
  4. Yard waste removal.
  5. Asbestos removal & remediation.
  6. Selective demolition.

What’s included and needed

Bring In A Home Inspector

A pre-demolition inspection will help you determine what issues the property may have that need to be addressed before demolition. While similar to a typical home inspection, the reasoning for a pre-demolition inspection is different.

If the inspector finds something like asbestos, mold or lead pipes, you can start looking for bidders who handle those issues frequently and who can do it at a lower cost. Finding contractors to take care of environmental issues before demolition can give you more control and be more cost effective than having the demolition crew do it.

A good inspector will also know state and local regulations about disposal of hazardous materials like asbestos tiles and vinyl siding. They will help you with what needs to be removed and disposed before demolition as well as what permits need to be applied for.

Secure A Permit

You’ll need a permit with your local county to demolish your home. Most licensed contractors will secure a permit and file it for you. Different regulations in different localities must be met. These laws are there to protect the community and its infrastructure. Failure to secure a permit and meet regulations could result in a fine and your contractor losing their license.

Speak With Neighbors

Letting the neighbors know what’s going to happen is a good call. Lean into what’s good about the demolition – you’re building a new home that will look better and likely increase their property value.

Notifying them of the noise and dust ahead of time is a good way to stay on their good side.

Disconnect Utilities

Contact your gas, electrical and water providers to make sure all services are shut off and safely capped. They’ll probably send technicians to the house to do this.

Work with the contractor to see when the best time to disconnect electricity will be as they may need to use it for tools to partially dismantle the house.

Service reviews

The proof is with our clients. Check out some of our amazing reviews.

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"Daniel and his team were FANTASTIC. My company hired Atlas for a commercial job and they did a great job and completed it in the timeline. Would definitely use them again for future jobs."

Libby Roberts
Charlotte, NC
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“Atlas Demolition was a professional experience from start to finish. Daniel and his crew were nothing short of fantastic. Aside from their professionalism they completed our project in a timely manner and made sure everything was perfect prior to leaving our property. This crew was a refreshing change to people we have used in the past and we will most definitely use them for projects in the future and would highly recommend them to anyone in search of a demo company.”

Tayler Maddox
Charlotte, NC
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“Had them gut my basement after a flood. Said they would be here at 8am. They were outside waiting at 7:45am. Even though it was a small job for them they showed up with 5 guys and were done in a few hours so I didn't waste my whole day. Fair price and did a perfect job. This is exactly how contractors should be.”

Mark Niles
Charlotte, NC

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